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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to provide my own laundry bag? - No need! We provide our own collection bags. One bag for general Wash, Dry & Fold and another bag for items needing to be cleaned according to the care label or hang dry. All you’ll need to do is ensure your Wash, Dry, Fold items are in a separate pile to your Hang Dry items on collection. If you’re leaving your garments with a concierge/at reception, just attach a note to explain which items are intended for which service, avoiding any unnecessary mistakes. Feel free to ask the Pick-Up Person  to leave spare bags for your future orders. (Please note, if any personal laundry bags are given, we wouldn't be responsible for them) 
  • How do you wash bedding and towels? - Bedding and Towels are typically washed at higher temperatures than general laundry to make them extra soft. After the bedding is cleaned, it is pressed and folded. For this reason, bedding and towels can't be included in the general Wash, Dry and Fold service. If these items were bunched into a Wash and Fold, it would diminish the overall quality of cleaning.
  • How should I prepare my laundry for Wash & Fold? - No need to separate Darks and Lights, just simply bundle your General Laundry in One Pile/Bag, making sure it’s separated from any Additional Items and the items you want Hung Dry. The driver will bring 2 bags: One for Additional and Hang Dry items and; Another for Wash, Dry and Fold garments.
  • What clothes can be sent to Wash, Dry and Fold? - Casual laundry including underwear, PJ’s and gym gear – given their care label allows them to be washed at 30 degrees – is available for general Wash, Dry and Fold. Please be thorough before giving us your garments, as we can’t be liable in the rare instance of damage to an unsuitable item.
  • How do I know my clothes will be cleaned properly? - All your garments are protected under our 24h Quality Guarantee policy, which means if you’re unhappy with how your items have been cleaned, simply let us know within 24 hours and we can organise a free re-clean.
  • Are there different prices for children's clothes? - Due to the way we process clothing, we offer a price by Weight(lb), so all clothes are priced the same except Additional Items.
  • Hey, I'm missing an item! - Your clothes are in safe hands and cases of missing items are quite rare – but we understand it’s a natural point of concern. In the (very, very) rare event your item is missing, we have will start an investigation to find out what happened. Please email  to report the issue, with accurate description and pictures if available. We do have strict procedures to follow if our customers are missing items. Even though these instances are rare, we are prepared and a full investigation will be carried out. If there are any missing items from your Wash, Dry and Fold load, we are limited in our search due to the fact that the items are not itemised or tagged. We wash the items by colour (whites and darks). However, if you are able to provide us with some details of the missing item(s), then we can inquire with the facility manager. At the end of the investigation, if we aren't able to locate your items, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our compensation policy. Please refer to the T&Cs for more details.
  • What items can't I send to get washed? - we cannot wash your leather, suede, velvet or fur items.

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