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The Big Load

Here is a basic run down of how we work and what to expect.

Once you place an order a driver is dispatched to your location to grab your dirty laundry. The driver will arrive with our own provided bags.
Basic laundry is put into one bag then tagged as Wash, Dry, & Fold then the Additional Items and/or Hang Dry items are put into another bag.
The Wash, Dry, & Fold bag is priced by weight in front of you. The Hang Dry and Additional Items are priced seperately.
Confirm your order and sign the invoice. Pay via Cash, Debit, Credit Card, or Etransfer. Then wait for your fresh folded laundry to return within 24-48hours.


I grew up in a household where we didnt have in-house laundry machines, I had to do my own laundry every week for school at the laundromat. I hated it! I just wanted to do my own thing and have more time doing it. I started thinking, 'What if someone would come do my laundry for me?' Now as an adult and apart of this face paced world I recently found myself having the same thoughts, 'Wouldn't it be nice if someone came to get my laundry and did it for me so I can just relax or spend more time with my friends and family?' In Halifax, lots of people share this feeling, so I want to make your lives more comfortable and less stressful, at the same time help you save some money.

-Chris Fordham, Owner



Majority agree that hassle free laundry is the way to go.

Jake, Student

"I love the idea of the service, i was surprised halifax didn't already have this type of thing"

Audie & Tom

Audie: "We have been using this service for almost a month now, we love how easy it is"
Tom: "Wife loves it, I love it. We have more time for each other now, since using this service."

Rudy, Executive

"I dont have time to do laundry, I usually send everything to the dry cleaner but its way more expensive. These guys are on the ball and it's way cheaper"

Katelyn, Single Parent

"You have no idea how much this service helps me. I have more time to do other chores around the house and activities with my little one"

The New Way Of Doing Laundry!

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Monday - Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10am-5pm

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